Monday, November 24, 2014

Shir Madness the amazing Hoop girl!

I first witnessed the stunning  Shir Madness while attending one of the many Dirty Circus events in Galway. I highly recommend it for a fun night out if you are looking for something different. I remember thinking how the hell does she do that ! This girl has a great talent for balancing and performing with Hoops and still managing to look sexy!  She has also been around the world performing at various events . Closer to home she has been performing at the Jerry Fish and the electric sideshow for over a year now, a feast for the eyes and the senses!
Originally from France Shir has made Ireland her home and continues to wow audiences around the country. I foresee big things in her future.

We had a lovely photoshoot recently to showcase both her talent and also to present the new 'Showgirl' boudoir session that is available with ourselves at Boudoir Girls . A fun alternative to the usual boudoir sessions..' every girl gets to be a showgirl for an afternoon'!  We also provide photoshoots for performers of circus and burlesque should you need some quirky images for online use.
Credits: Shir Madness
Makeup: Shir Madness
Costumes/ props/ photography : Natalie Greer/ Boudoir Girls
Location: Boudoir Girls studio, Headford, Co.Galway

Hope are some images from our session:


  1. Ohhh.. lovely.. looks great girls! I'd love to do a photo shoot like this! would be a great birthday present to myself! just have to decide a theme and outfit and ask Shir to do my makeup and hair! :)