Friday, February 8, 2013

Tattooed Beauty!

Here is a sneak peek at my recent shoot with the lovely Keelin.
Keelin is an apprentice at  'A.W.O.L.' tattoo shop in Galway with great promise and a love for the retro pin-up styles. I mentioned  a roller girl look might be cool and as fate would have it  her boyfriend had actually bought these for her 2 days before!!
The second look was more alternative bride - for those ladies who like to rock their tatts and still look pretty. Boudoir Girls cater for alternative styles and tastes as well as the classic bridal looks - Rock that frock , Tattooed Boudoir shots, Retro pin-up  and of course if you have any tattoos you would like to showcase we can do the whole 'Miami/LA ink look for you in studio or on location.
Hair styling in the 'Rollergirl' shots was by 'Natasha at Shockalocks' (check out her work she is amazing )  Anyone interested to book Keelin to model  for a shoot give her a shout on facebook!

wig and props costume: Boudoir Girls
Makeup : Keelin