Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pin- up and Boudoir calendar girls!! Swit-swooo

Here are some sneaky peeks from our Boudoir and pin-up marathon over the Christmas period. Each girl had a different theme per month which included everything from Santa outfits to football jerseys. Stockings to fur coats - you name it we squeezed it all in in one day! Some shots have been cropped to preserve modesty of course as we have to leave a bit to ye're imaginations! You will see a very special one crop up around Halloween as she has agreed to be our 'Miss October' 2011. Love to be able to show how fab they all looked even though this was the tip of the iceberg. Fair play girls ye were great craic and I'm glad to hear there were happy husbands and boyfriends this year!!

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Makeup Theresa Danaher (on Ms K and Ms J !)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boudoir Session Ms 'M'!

One of our recent Boudoir sessions was with this inspiring lady who decided to surprise her husband with a 'Boudoir Book' for Christmas. Not only this but she managed to lose 3.5 stone  (and counting!) prior to this shoot with hard work and determination!! Margaret spends her time helping other women to lose weight with her 'Lighter Life' program and she is setting the ideal example for women to show what can be achieved with a little encouragement and the right help.  Having a makeover and photo session was her treat to herself and her husband for all the hard work she put in and I think you will agree she looks amazing.  Enclosed are a selection of shots from the ten page album.
 Anyone wishing to lose weight can contact her at or email her on
Makeup by Theresa Danaher (087) 6188008

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Boudoir and pin-up frolics

What a Christmas we had here at Boudoir Girls HQ. Lots of amazing women gifting their husbands with Boudoir /pin-up sessions and some Calendar fun which I will give a sneak preview of in my next post. Had an amazing promo shoot with 'Hector' from 2fm over the christmas also but obviously not in the boudoir sense. Pics to be updated to in the near future (when I clone myself and get more time!!)  Santa shots enclosed are the makeup work of Theresa Danaher  Email:

Santa baby was not long hopping down the chimney after seeing these!!

Well done to Trish who got the modeling down to a fine art!

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