Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hollywood Ladies of the Manor!

Now and again I get to go to a location that blows me away in terms of scenery, architecture and ambience. I knew pulling up the drive to Coolatore House near Moate that this place was going to be special. The locals are also fierce proud of it as none other than Michael Jackson rented it for himself and his children some time ago! Not every day you hear a 'sceal' like that but it's true.

I was greeted by a barrage of beautiful ladies all dressed in Hollywood attire - it was virtually like stepping back in time.  The sun was shining , the drawing room was all set for light refreshments and tea ...everyone was giddy with excitement between running around, getting ready and hiding the big secret from the lovely Hen Gemma!
Gemma just landed home from Oz to see all her friends and there was some turnout!  It was poignant  to think she had to go again a few days we made the most of it.
As her lovely sister played a slideshow for her of her youth, moms aunts and friends laughed together while sipping champagne and tea before the comedy of our other shots began. (the moms were the wildest fair play to them!)
We went for some gambling style shots in the dining area before the hilarious tearoom images. The finale was jumping and running around the beautiful landscaped lawns of the house just before I nabbed Gemma for some nice shots on her own.
I had such a fun day shooting this party  though I was heavy hearted driving home thinking of them having to see her go! At least every time they see these Tea shots everyone gets a giggle as they pulled it off so magnificently. I cannot wait to see the wedding shots I'm sure they will make the most of the day!

The stunning hen!
 (dress props boudoir girls)