Monday, October 17, 2011

Eileens Hen!

When Eileen decided to have a hen party she wanted the theme to be 'Fab shoes'. I have to say I gasped when I saw her shoes as I had admired them once online and they looked so amazing on!  Tattoo style shoes!! The rest of the gang surprised her with this shoot and we played a little with the burlesque style before taking the group shots outside of their fab shoes and killer black dresses!
Makeup was done by the amazing Sandra Gillen on the day and the girls were delighted to be all glam for their impending night on the town of Galway.
A big thanks to the B+B Teach na Coiribe on the Tuam road who could not have been more accommodating to the hens and to us throughout the shoot. A highly recommended hen location.....

some of the amazing shoes on display!

The stunning bride to be! 

The organiser!! Ms A!

Low res. images of the burlesque shoot  - makeup looks by Sandra Gillen.  Corsets and props Boudoir Girls.

Confetti Competition winner Photoshoot!

We are delighted to announce our 'Confetti' competition winner was Grainne Kennedy. Here you will see some snippets of her shoot including a 'before makeover' shot which gives a good indication of the different types of looks that can be achieved through makeup. Our amazing Makeup artist on the day was Theresa Danaher who gave our Grainne a soft look for her boudoir photos and a more vampy look for the hollywood glamour and halloween style photos. 
We started the morning with a cup of tea and consultation about which looks we would achieve though we had some idea prior to meeting so I could set up a 'scene' with props etc before she arrived. 
As it is near Halloween we decided to do some fun 'Pin-up style Witch' shots with a tongue- in- cheek feel.
Boudoir Girls are the first to bring this vintage pin-up style of photography to you and we offer a mobile service for groups who wish to pull off this look complete with candy coloured backdrops. Any theme can be achieved which is part of the fun and it is a more flirty alternative for ladies who do not have the confidence to do a lingerie Boudoir Shoot. It is very popular style with our Hen parties at the moment. 
 Despite Grainne never having met us before she was fantastic throughout the whole process even bringing with her some lingerie items and a shirt to complete the boudoir look. She was open to all ideas but 
being a mom herself she wanted to keep it tasteful but fun and that's just what we did. 
Many giggles, poses and outfit changes later we had plenty of amazing photographs. She did  not even have one 'blinking' one which was a feat in itself for someone who has never modeled before!
All in all a great day was had and I know she enjoyed herself which is the whole objective on these shoots - She now also has some beautiful photos to take home to her very happy husband! 
  Thanks to Confetti Magazine,  Theresa Danaher Makeup artist the lovely Grainne and also all who entered the competition. We will definitely run one again in the future!
For now we are taking bookings for that special Christmas gift - The boudoir book! We have 'Budget Books',  Delux versions and of course the cute little 'Brag books' are also available to show off your favourite killer images to your friends. Any of these books can also be done in Pin-up style instead of lingerie.  ;)

Getting ready for her makeup application

soft look makeup for her Boudoir shoot

 The Hollywood glamour look

The fun Halloween Pin-up shots:

Sexy witch!

Even Witches have to do Laundry!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Motorcycle theme pin-up session

I got a call from  Ms 'A' recently who was looking to do something original and relevant for her 'biker' husband to be. She did not want the usual lingerie shots for her other half - no, it had to entail leather jackets and helmets to suit both their style and also give him  a giggle out of the whole thing!  Having some experience in this field I was super excited to set up a scene - I did think about dragging in the old chopper from the shed but decided it would be easier to photoshop a bike in instead. The garage pump is real however and so is the ratchet!! Ms 'A's friend who was treating her came along for the shoot and we managed to throw her in for a shot for good measure!
Makeup was done by the brilliant and talented Theresa Danaher.
Have to say I really enjoyed this fun session - I welcome any unusual ideas brides may have for their husbands to be. I am certain we can pull off any theme here!
Here are some snippets of the shoot:  Well done Ms 'A'!!!
Get yer motor runnin!

Don't tell my hubby just yet!