Monday, March 21, 2011

Marie Antoinette in the Boudoir!!

It's always fun to team up with other photographers on shoots for mutual benefit. Myself and John Mc Mahon teamed up on a Boudoir shoot Marie Antoinette style! As I have a little obsession with her and all things Baroque/Antique/ Gothic I could not wait to unleash this vision in my head. Costumes and props and a menagerie of camera equipment were dragged to Sharon's house and the fun began! Makeup and hair was done by the amazing Yvonne Meenaghan for this shoot. John was fantastic at giving direction to us both during this shoot as he recorded some HD snippets of us in action!! Lighting was also a little different to accentuate the look in different ways.  We all had a blast doing the shoot and well done to Sharon on her modeling - GET THIS : she is not a 'professional model'. We wanted to prove that you don't have to be to achieve stunning photographs. This kind of photography is ideal for a pre- wedding gift for the groom  or a romantic Valentines/Birthday/Christmas gift for your other half!! We offer coffee table Boudoir Books that will guarantee to catch his attention! Calendars are also available with various fun themes if you prefer something more tongue in cheek!! You choose your shoot - we deliver the fantasy! For Boudoir or Hen party bookings contact:  (087) 6332611
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Behind the scenes footage to follow soon...................xxxxxxxxxxx

Hens at the House Hotel

Had a lovely shoot on March 5th at the lovely House Hotel in Galway with a fab bunch from Cavan, Armagh, Dublin etc! Fantastic to see that a group of girls who stayed in touch since college have all come together again for Charlene's Hen party. That's real friends for you....
As it was a surprise we had to keep mum about the operation until the day when we ambushed her in the lobby. This was, her sister tells me right up her street . Costumes were brought so the girls could dress up and we carried out the shoot and makeovers in the various pretty rooms in the hotel. The curtain made such a pretty backdrop for the pics that I did not use my own. We finished off with a group shot in the lobby of the hotel - all the girls dressed to impress and getting many admiring glances along the way!! Even 'mama M' who's birthday it was that day, donned a top hat for the pictures with style!!
Makeup was skillfully applied on the day by Theresa Danaher and Tricia Kenneally!
the lovely hen!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Assisting on a shoot!

I recently got a call from associate  friend and neighbor John Mc Mahon at to assist on a fashion style shoot. Delighted at the prospect of doing something different on a sunday eve I skipped up not knowing who was modeling or what the theme was but as coincidences would have it it emerged that one of the models was Catriona my cousin who I have not seen since we were kids!! That's why ya gotta love Galway for being such a small place!  Makeup was by  and hair was by Agatha from Alchemy Hair Salon. The other lovely model was Breda.  We tried out a few different looks in Johns studio which was fun - I think the results are lovely especially as John is more at home with the family and wedding portraiture and I'm more at home with Boudoir and Hen photography! It's nice to team up for shoots and see what happens when you merge different ideas. Another shoot we did recently whereby John has had input will be finding it's way into the blog. Think Marie Antoinette in the Boudoir ;)
Summer breeze!Me on the fan duty!

love the texture on this one

Beautiful gothic feel to it

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ms 'C' has a makeover...

Last weekend Ms 'C' decided to celebrate her impending birthday - as we are ladies we will not
disclose what age..  ;) How and ever hubby was longing for something sexy and she was longing for sexy meets vintage so we did both! Makeup was applied prior to shoot at 'Pamper U' Salon in Headford and I have to say they did a lovely job!
 Enlcosed are some wee snippets of the shoot. Well done Ms 'C'! 

Pretty in Pink!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ms 'S' Channels Dita!

We recently had a boudoir shoot with the lovely Ms 'S'. Our brief was Dita Von Teese and Marilyn-esque shots as the hubby loves that vintage look. (Most of the male population would not kick Dita out of the bed including my own hubby! We get lots of requests for her....) Using makeup and wigs we transformed Ms 'S' into a siren for the day. As it was a secret from the hubby we had to take off most of the makeup before she went home later on. He would have known something was up!!
Here are some snippets of the shoot and I have to thank her for the lovely testimonial on Weddings online also. I know they love to see them on that site ha ha ;)
Thank you to Yvonne Meenaghan makeup artist and hairdresser extraordinaire.
Huge thanks to Ms 'S' for letting us post her beautiful shots including the cute before shot.