Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ms A's Hollywood Glamour Hen!

The sleepy town of Craughwell would not have known what hit them when these hot ladies arrived at their homely accommodation! A new one for us at Boudoir Girls  - we have been all over but not ever in Craughwell for a shoot!? Handy location quiet house (which did not stay quiet for long) and lots of Hollywood style posters hung up for inspiration. Ms' D' planned the whole makeover as a surprise for the Hen and ran the hen activities like the perfect military operation -
Theresa Danaher provided the makeover for our stunning Hen Ms' A' -  Teamed with her own beautiful black dress, earings and some of our props from the dress up box we pulled off the perfect punchy Hollywood style shots they were after.  (PETA can relax - The 'mink' fur is faux btw!!)
We could not have done it without the amazing cooperation and posing of our would be models! They looked amazing and totally pulled together the look so well in their outfits and makeup. Really enjoyed this shoot - here are some snippets from the day of the fab ladies.

                                  The fab Ms 'A' having her makeover before the photoshoot.

Loved these images so much it was so hard to choose between colour and Black and White!
Below are some more amazing ladies from the day. 

                                             Take two - The bridal party frolicking around!