Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beauty and the Bodybuilder!

Every now and again I get draughted in to do some promotional shots for newspapers etc. Not being one to shy away from things out of the ordinary I jumped at this one.  I had the pleasure of working with Fiona and Ruth owners of Heaven Scent Beauty Spa in Galway and Cathal Tiernan a home grown competitive bodybuilder. Heaven Scent are launching a new skincare range by Mama Mio called Boot camp for Butts, Boobs and Tummies which promise to work wonders on all our problem areas! Count me in..!
Cathal had no bother lifting up the ladies for these fun shots and kindly let us boss him around through the shoot! Check out his fanpage on Facebook 'Official Cathal Tiernan fan page' and make sure to check out the cool new products from Heaven Scent Beauty spa (link below)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Catriona's Hen hits Athlone

The Radisson Blu in Athlone was the setting for this lovely hen group - as I entered the hotel I noticed there were several hen parties taking place that day so Athlone was in for some session that evening!
Catriona was surprised by her friend Aine for this shoot and had her makeup applied by Theresa Danaher on the day.
In between the showers we managed to capture a group shot of the gang outside on the decking but the hotel had a lovely conference room we were able to use for the photo session. Pink was the chosen colour for the shoot to accentuate the dress colours more.
Well done to all the ladies in question!


The beautiful bride to be.
Spot the hen?!

Vanity fair style shoot with Ms 'D'

The delightful Ms 'D' came to the studio recently as a treat to herself (and her man!)
The theme was based around Kate Winslet's shoot in Vanity Fair - (the one with the fur) Kate Winslet got stick over that shoot saying she was not airbrushed to her knowledge...mmm I'm on the fence on that one. All celebrities get a bit of retouching as far as I'm concerned. 
We also got to do some tongue in cheek shots that were totally relevant to her and her man. Great craic.
However Ms 'D' did a great job considering she was shaking coming in the door for her makeover  - she 
left like a giggly child and looked stunning thanks to the makeup talents of Theresa Danaher. Not that she wasn't a beauty to begin with mind you but it's nice to have makeup done in a different way to what you are used to and try different looks for your photographs. We went with the toned down lips for the first few shots and then the red lippy was applied for a different look again. 
Here are some of the headshots from the shoot. Thanks for letting us show these Ms 'D"!
Just getting finishing touches of makeup

One of my fav's 

And the fur: if it's good enough for Vanity Fair it's good enough for us!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kate's Retro Housewives Hen!

Desperate housewives had nothing on this gang!  We had 8 hotties all dressed in retro outfits and I supplied the props and gloves. Kate our beautiful hen had a costume custom made for her which was a take on Katy perry's outfit in the hot and cold video! Brilliant! As with a lot of our hens she was surprised with this shoot by her lovely sister (Jenny from the block ;)) and I have to say the weather in Kenmare was just fab! Blessed. The Music was a lovely medley the girls had put together for Kate of dirty dancing and all sorts of rocking' tunes! It really does make it more fun and personal with these little extras. Makeup was done by Ann-Marie a native to the area in a pin-up style.   Here are some shots from the day.
THE Katie Perry

Our Kate rocked it better!
Fun in the kitchen!

Sisterly love