Monday, November 3, 2014

John Denton Workshop

I've been a bit behind on my blogging of late. As with all of us photographers shooting is the fun part! Speaking of fun and shooting I had the pleasure of traveling up to Moate in August where Ken Byrne and his partner Aine (now fiance! congrats guys! ) was hosting a fashion /fine art workshop by the amazing John Denton.
I travelled up with John Mc Mahon and got to meet some lovely local photographers and shoot the fabulous model Devon who travelled over with John for the occasion from the UK.
We had a lovely time wandering around the fabulous grounds and shooting in the house itself. Devon managed to pose her way through the day for us no complaints fair play! I was feeling for her as its no simple task holding poised positions for hours on end. Thankfully the weather was pretty mild! 
We went through new techniques with posing and lighting and it was done in a lighthearted fun manner which I really liked. 
Big thanks to everyone involved really enjoyed the day and would highly recommend John's Workshops to anyone SWPP member or not. Links below :))

John Mc Mahon on reflector and John Denton shooting

Ken taking his shot! 

Devon having a giggle

Some posed shots by the group

my own posed shot of Devon 

Fashion look shot

John setting up the lighting 

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